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Best Digital camera for your Needs: Unmasking your photography needs!


Photography is something we all really love and click the picture and shoot videos of many different locations as a memory to cherish. But, our smartphone cameras though have progressed and had better sensors lack behind even the basic digital camera in many aspects. In fact, it’s due to the fact that smartphones have fairly less space to accommodate specific hardware for cameras. When you are looking to purchase a camera, it’s helpful to keep it in mind a specific buying guide, regardless of any kind of Canon & Nikon DSLR Cameras below 500 Dollars. Each camera has its speciality and deals within a specific spectrum. Hence, there are 4 broad classifications of a camera.

The types of cameras explained:

Cameras have been known to capture our sweetest and fond memories. The camera allows us to take pictures of our most memorable moments in life and keep it as a souvenir. These camera pictures are a revisit to our beautiful memories. Thus, it is important to choose a camera that captures all the colours of our life. Digital cameras have changed the world of pictures through the use of hard-core technologies. With the technological advancement, there are a plethora of things that need to be known and that needs the care to be taken off while purchasing from different types of digital cameras available in the market.

Mirrorless Cameras are an advancement over bridge cameras not just in terms of zoom levels but also in additional functionality. They offer more functionality in terms of interchangeable lenses but lack a mirror and an optical viewfinder being the standard DSLR features. These are meant to be a perfect choice for street and candid photography. They do offer few advantages over a DSLR in departments of its size and being less bulky, also its autofocus is a real strong point. The video quality is brilliant and the lenses are with modern systems and optimizations. Gaining popularity, these can cost you around $600 or more.

DSLR’s are the most premium digital camera offering supreme picture quality and advanced functionality to tweak for pros. Entry-level DSLR’s usually started around $600 with fewer features and lack Wi-Fi and weatherization.  Sometimes you may be paying more for the camera body rather than lenses or vice versa, so be really careful in choosing the right DSLR for you. Be sure to have proper DSLR gear or if not make your own gear.

A common myth for digital cameras is that more megapixels translate to better quality that is true in some sense but not completely. There are other factors such as focal length, aperture, zoom levels and sensor used.

I recommend that you set the recording duration to a time no longer than 72 hours as this would enable you record the entire weekend without having to switch tapes. The time-lapse recorder is okay if you are only going to need a single camera or you could add a video multiplexer for multiple cameras.

This will give you the advantage of recording multiple cameras on a single time-lapse recorder and monitor. Multiplexers come in two types, color or black and white. The negative is that during relay of incoming video, about half the information on the picture is lost and the total images per second.

This surveillance system comprises of a computer, video capture cards and a software package. It has a far higher processing speed that relays recording of up to 480 images per second and allows full motion video to be recorded and played back on a PC. For each camera reduce from nine to three seconds.