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Best Digital camera for your Needs: Unmasking your photography needs!


Photography is something we all really love and click the picture and shoot videos of many different locations as a memory to cherish. But, our smartphone cameras though have progressed and had better sensors lack behind even the basic digital camera in many aspects. In fact, it’s due to the fact that smartphones have fairly less space to accommodate specific hardware for cameras. When you are looking to purchase a camera, it’s helpful to keep it in mind a specific buying guide, regardless of any kind of Canon & Nikon DSLR Cameras below 500 Dollars. Each camera has its speciality and deals within a specific spectrum. Hence, there are 4 broad classifications of a camera.

The types of cameras explained:

Cameras have been known to capture our sweetest and fond memories. The camera allows us to take pictures of our most memorable moments in life and keep it as a souvenir. These camera pictures are a revisit to our beautiful memories. Thus, it is important to choose a camera that captures all the colours of our life. Digital cameras have changed the world of pictures through the use of hard-core technologies. With the technological advancement, there are a plethora of things that need to be known and that needs the care to be taken off while purchasing from different types of digital cameras available in the market.

Mirrorless Cameras are an advancement over bridge cameras not just in terms of zoom levels but also in additional functionality. They offer more functionality in terms of interchangeable lenses but lack a mirror and an optical viewfinder being the standard DSLR features. These are meant to be a perfect choice for street and candid photography. They do offer few advantages over a DSLR in departments of its size and being less bulky, also its autofocus is a real strong point. The video quality is brilliant and the lenses are with modern systems and optimizations. Gaining popularity, these can cost you around $600 or more.

DSLR’s are the most premium digital camera offering supreme picture quality and advanced functionality to tweak for pros. Entry-level DSLR’s usually started around $600 with fewer features and lack Wi-Fi and weatherization.  Sometimes you may be paying more for the camera body rather than lenses or vice versa, so be really careful in choosing the right DSLR for you. Be sure to have proper DSLR gear or if not make your own gear.

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 The Best Kodi Addons Of 2019


You must be searching for many sites that provide you with the information on how to get the Kodi Addons installed in your system. After the various problem faced by the Kodi Addons in finding the movies, music, cartoons, sports, and other TV shows. The older version Kodi Krypton 17.6 was also upgraded to Kodi Leia 18.2 and there are certain addons which may work with the new versions. There are more than 100 addons that perform the task and is compatible with various versions.

Using VPN with Kodi:

There is stuff which should not be skipped and should be kept in mind while getting the addons, and VPN is one of them. There are several reasons why a VPN is necessary for installing addons.

  • First and foremost reason is that the installation of illegal Kodi addons without VPN is dangerous. Even the movies and stuff that you watch on the illegal versions will be monitored by the ISP and you get into trouble.
  • There are some geo-location restrictions on some of the addons like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, IceFilms, NBC Sports, etc and also addons like Acestream, which fetch different data from various torrents.

There are reasons why you need to use VPN in case of some problems that you’ll face in the future.

Some of the best Addons of 2019:

There have been many addons which are on high demand for various Kodi versions.

  • Exodus Redux: This is one of the best addons on Kodi and in high demand. In spite of being the newest addon, this version tops the list. Exodus Redux is like the clone of the extremely popular (and still very active) Kodi addon Exodus. Exodus indeed seems to have quite worn down over all these years, whereas Exodus Redux is exceptionally the new, the very bright star in the sky.
  • The Magic Dragon: Another of the incredible Kodi Addons is the Magical Dragon. This user-friendly and the very fast version brings to you all of your desired content which also includes the latest shows and movies. The Magic Dragon brings you a whole new range of content which of course begins with the movies & TV shows but goes a long way sports, radio channels and a lot more.
  • Yoda: Many addons came and established while Yoda has now been there for quite some time. It uses the same code as the Genesis Reborn and Exodus. Yes, this addon is not the best but if you are comparing, it is doing quite very well as a standalone addon. If we see the stats then this is one of the most trendy addons. Yoda addon is undoubtedly a part of the Kodi repo, but you also will find it in Supremacy repository.

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ShowBox Apk - Best Online Video Streaming App


Show Box is one of the best apps for downloading and watching movies. What makes show box better than others when there are many apps for the same purpose. Well, you guys are now to see that for yourselves. Better quality videos, a large variety in the store, from oldest to the latest, missing out show box is the last thing you want to do. This showbox app Download works just fine. There won’t any complaint like freezing in the middle of a video.

There might be a problem faced in show box, like NO INTERNET CONNECTION reporting error on Showbox by all users and sometimes you will get a message like missing server, or sometimes it will be- ‘video not available’. Don’t worry, show box won’t limit the users to any number of videos. To solve this issue, you just need to download a VPN. Run the VPN and then connect it to the US server. Your next step is- Settings, then Apps, then Show Box, then Storage, and finally Clear data and Clear cache.

After these steps you will have to restart the app. This happens because of the reason that servers you were using were the geo- blocking ones outside US. And hence you have to connect to the US server. So, the only problem that might occur with the app have been discussed above along with the solution what to do if such a problem arises. So, getting to watch your movie or a TV show in your list won’t be an issue from now on.

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Security Camera Recording Systems - An Introduction to Current Technology


Ever come home and noticed that something was missing; maybe an ornament or silverware and you had no way of finding out where it was or who might have taken it. Perhaps you own a business; an electronic hardware shop to be precise, you do not trust the methods with which your sales personnel are handling business and you would like to keep them on their toes with surveillance. You are in the right place if you are considering buying and installing a video surveillance system for home or office use.

I am going to be discussing the different Video surveillance systems available in the market and the features of each to inform you in your purchase decision. It is pertinent for you to know above all else that the Video Surveillance System is based on the quality of the recorded images. As at the time of writing this article there are three types of Video Surveillance Systems available: The Analog/Time Lapse Recorder (VCR) Systems, the Digital Hard Drive Recording Systems (just like a VCR with the difference being that it uses a hard drive to store videos) and the PC based Digital Video Recording Systems (DVR)

The Analog/Time Lapse Recorder

The first surveillance cameras (which were time-lapse recorders) required a monitor for every camera. It has a single video input, recording incoming signal with a video tape that records between 2-960 hours of video depending on the recorder. The video relay slowed down at a rate of one picture every 9 seconds (very slow right!).  The company’s device uses an organic LED technology for its flexible display. To get a clear image of what the recorded feed would look like, imagine watching people pass by through a video but instead of walking, they seem to be taking each step so slowly it would seem like they were walking 100 meters in 5 minutes.

Digital Hard-drive Recorder

As technology improved, manufacturers were able to come up with a new design that fuses the multiplex function of the time-lapse recorder another system that uses hard drives instead of VCR tapes to store recorded visuals (an upgrade right!). While the software is operated internally, the high resolution for video input is hardware based and can record high-resolution video feed from more than 16 cameras at up to 160 images per second as against the time-lapse that recorded one picture every 9 seconds! As soon as the hard drive fills, the system removes the oldest videos to create space to record new images, (this is called First in First Out Video). So the larger the hard drive, the more images that can be stored.

An awesome feature of this recorder is that it allows advanced playback capabilities that ensure you find stored videos in seconds not hours as against the time-lapse recorder.

I recommend that you set the recording duration to a time no longer than 72 hours as this would enable you record the entire weekend without having to switch tapes. The time-lapse recorder is okay if you are only going to need a single camera or you could add a video multiplexer for multiple cameras.

This will give you the advantage of recording multiple cameras on a single time-lapse recorder and monitor. Multiplexers come in two types, color or black and white. The negative is that during relay of incoming video, about half the information on the picture is lost and the total images per second.

This surveillance system comprises of a computer, video capture cards and a software package. It has a far higher processing speed that relays recording of up to 480 images per second and allows full motion video to be recorded and played back on a PC. For each camera reduce from nine to three seconds.